Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Logo, New Dedication

We are changing our look ... check out the new logo.

The change in look is going along with an increased dedication to providing our clients with extraordinary services and experiences when they choose to collaborate with us. Our goal is for everyone we work with to enjoy the creative process as much as the end product and come away having had an amazing experience to go with the gorgeous artwork, making it all the more meaningful.

We are also increasing our commitment to our environment, looking for ways to make our operations and products as eco-friendly as possible.

We hope you like the direction we are headed, we are pretty excited about it ...

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Jaree has decided to bring the beaded jewelry part of the business to a close. It has been lots of fun and we have great clients in this area, but she would like to focus more on photography for awhile. She is even trading out her beading supplies for some fun camera equipment (although she has kept a little stash and all her tools).

As a result, we are going to be running a sale on the jewelry ... everything is being marked down on Etsy and at the art shows. We hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity to get some fun jewelry at a really good price.

And for those that love Jaree's beadwork and Midnight Blue's jewelry in general, don't dismay, we will still do one-of-a-kind commission pieces just for you ...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Camera Equipment Looking for a New Home

Jaree is parting with some faithful camera equipment from her set, as she just acquired an upgrade. Her Nikon D200 and D1X camera bodies are both being offered for sale.

The D200 is in really great shape ... its been gently used for the last couple years and works perfect. It will come with the manual, an LCD cover, battery and charger and any cords she can dig out of the cord box. It is being offered for $375 plus shipping.

The D1X is in good working order and has served well for many years. It also has a manual, two batteries and a charger, and the cord/converter to plug it into an outlet. It did have a little accident that bent the hot shoe, but the hot shoe works normally (a flash unit and strobe radio transmitter slide right on and off and work) and the camera has been otherwise unscathed. It may be about time for a preventive maintenance good cleaning and tuning, but otherwise, its been working well when pulled out of the equipment cabinet. Since its just sitting most of the time now, its time for it to have a new home. Jaree is asking $100 plus shipping, but will entertain any fair offer.

If you are interested, just drop a line to Jaree at: jdonnelly at Or if you know anyone who might be interested, we would appreciate your passing along the word.