Saturday, January 8, 2011

Where Did the Jewelry Go?

Wondering where the jewelry went?  It's still around ... check out Arts Entwine.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hanging ...

I had a nice time this morning, helping to hang a new art show at Black Rock.  The Center graciously allows the Art League of Germantown to meet in their space in exchange for our membership providing volunteer services, such as helping to hang new shows in the gallery.  In addition to doing my part to help, I think it's good for the soul to spend some time with others artwork.  This is an interesting exhibit ... a mix of wood sculpture, acrylic painting, and photos on fiber.  I was especially interested in the wood sculpture, something I have never done and helping to hang it, meant I got to be up close, far away and touch it. It's really fascinating.  I also learned about hanging some really big, heavy pieces of artwork and brushed up some general hanging mechanics ... also good stuff!  All in all, a positive way to spend a few hours of early 2011 ...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Finding the Right Photographer

I may or may not be the right photographer for you.

If the photographer you are considering does not admit this to you ... be skeptical.  Photography is an art and like any art form, there will be work you like and work that does not resonate with you.  Creating images is also about a relationship ... the more comfortable you are with a photographer, the better the images will be.

Before you invest your time and money in creating images, please take the time to meet with the photographer(s) you are considering.  Look at their portfolios, talk to them about what you are looking for in the way of imagery, ask what their process is like and what ideas they might have for working with you.  And of course, ask about pricing, too.  This time spent together upfront is time very well spent, because its going to mean much better results for you.

The consultation is common practice when someone commissions a painting ... most people don't just walk in a studio and say, "Hey, paint a picture for me".  They want to meet the artist and get to know them and their work and vice versa, too.  And photography, like painting, is a form of imagery-making and deserves careful consideration, too.

I am not the right photographer for everyone ... my imagery tends to have a quiet, reflective nature to it.  It can be a little quirky at times.  I don't do the traditional, posed group in front of a backdrop thing.  I prefer to work with natural light or highly technical studio lighting.  But when I am the right photographer for you ... let the magic begin.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter Portraiture

We document the lives of our kids pretty routinely in imagery and those are wonderful and very precious memories.  But you know, we often forget to document our own lives, beyond perhaps the occasional random snapshots.  We hear all the time about how people hate how they look in photos, so they don't want them taken.  I am so guilty of this, too!  But if the only images are those of you caught in a unplanned snapshot, no wonder you don't like having your picture taken.  Bad lighting,  weird angles, crazy expressions, hair freaked out ... I have a box full of these, hidden ... deep ... at the back of the closet.  I admit it, I tend to run and hide when those little cameras come out and start flashing.  And what is even worse is its a bad setup to believe we are not photogenic and thus, never, ever want our photos taken. And this is sad ... we are robbing the next generations of a precious gift of being able to see our images as our lives progress and reflect on their ancestry.  And the thing is, you are photogenic ... we all are.  We are unique and beautiful and that should be documented.

That is where having someone who understands the art and technology of photography comes in ... while most families have a camera and hopefully know basically how to use it (if not, I can help there, too!) ... what is different about working with someone who has studied and practiced is that we have developed the skills and knowledge to capture an image in a way that reflects what is unique and beautiful about you.

And you should not have to be uncomfortable in front of the camera, it should be fun and relaxing.  There should be music and laughter and real smiles.  You should get to feel like your fabulous self.  Be silly if you want, try out a bunch of different outfits and poses, sing, dance ... whatever it means to be you.  You should lose all track of time because you are having a great time.

The upcoming months are PERFECT for having portraits made in the studio or in your home.  The holiday rush is through and life slows down a bit as we snuggle indoors.  The winter light coming through the windows is soft.  We can spend plenty of quality time together, creating images that reflect who you are as an individual or a family.

The first step is an initial consultation and that is completely free ... it's a chance to sit down together and chat about what you are looking for and what we do and see if the synergy is there.  All you need to do to get started is click here and drop us a note.