Thursday, March 29, 2012

Next Year's Art Classes

I was sitting here, organizing my thoughts for next year's art classes.  As you teach art, you find it is an ever evolving endeavor ... that is what makes it so fun.  I never create a lesson plan and just plop it into place, using it again and again ... I may keep the foundation, but I am always refining it to be more fun, more educational, fresh and relevant. 

Let me just say ... oh my gosh, I am so excited ... I think I have some really fantastic concepts for classes and workshops.  I can't share them yet until they are scheduled (so sorry, but as a contract/freelance teacher, good class concepts are my livelihood)... but stay tuned!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Music on the Move Tomorrow Night

Just wanted to remind all you music lovers in the DC area that Music on the Move is going to be tomorrow night at the Kentands Mansion/Arts Barn.  It will be spanish-influenced guitar and piano performances, which is some of my favorite.  It's a cool concept, you can start in either venue, listen to the performance there, then at intermission, you walk across the street and get to listen to a second concert at the other venue ... basically two for one.  There are still tickets available, but you may want to call today for them.  I'll be at the front desk at the Barn tomorrow night ... come on by!  More info in the previous post ...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Art After Dark - April 20th

SUPER excited about being featured at the April "Art After Dark" event on April 20th at the Kentlands Mansion.  As some of you may know, I have been painting again ... big, abstract canvases.  My work tends to have a soft, ethereal quality, and lots of movement and color-play ... but honestly, what I love about abstract painting is seeing what springs forth from the mind, heart and soul.

I may also try to bring some of the avant-garde jewelry I have been playing with, too ... we'll see how it goes and if it's ready for the public yet. 

For those in the area, I would so love if you would come on out that evening to visit with me and listen to the music.  If the weather is nice, it is incredibly gorgeous to sit on on the porch and enjoy a cocktail. 

And hey, for anyone who acquires one of my pieces for their collection, drinks are on me! ;0)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Music on the Move

This Music on the Move is going to be a great event ... I am super excited about the spanish guitar music.  I'll be over at the Barn that evening, come see me!