Monday, November 29, 2010

Snowy Day at the Pond

Snowy Day at the Pond
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This piece always makes me think about the holidays ... it is one I have never printed (yet).

Saturday, November 27, 2010


One of the things we like to do is partner with other photographers.  It's fun and you often get even better results (when you have synergy).  We have been doing this for awhile ... offering tech support at the shoot (lighting, metering, props, posing, etc) and/or doing the post-processing and proofing-prep.  Moriah's senior photos is just one of these projects ... the person behind the camera was Steve Dougan, of Dougan Photography.  We offered studio tech support and post-processing.

Moriah is a senior this year and so much fun (and definitely beautiful)!  She is a natural in front of the camera, she could easily model if she so chooses.  She was game to try most any of the crazy poses we came up with for her, which made it fun, but also then an individual experience.

So, anyway, the three of us had great synergy ... here are some of the highlights from the final 26 images in her collection.  We, of course, have some traditional senior shots, but also some that are a little different (which is the objective for us).

PS - the last one is not Photoshop, that is all studio lighting ...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!  We hope your holiday is a wonderful celebration with family and friends.  We are reminded how very grateful we are this time of year for you, our friends and clients ... thank you!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Cards

We are offering a great custom holiday card package!  50 5x5 cards with envelopes designed just for you for $65.  There are lots of other sizes and shapes to choose from, too ... contact us for a quote.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

March of Dimes Signature Chef Auction

Are you going to be at the March of Dimes Signature Chef Auction on Wednesday?  If so, you'll have the chance to bid on a Midnight Blue fine art photograph ... hope to see you there!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Charcoal Drawings

I have had the pleasure (and a bit of frustration with glass ;0) ) of photographing a small set of charcoal drawings these past couple days for a new client.  Beautiful drawings of the nude figure, they take me right back to art school.  I have not had a chance to really play with charcoal in awhile.  I have had brief encounters with it when teaching kid's art classes, but they don't seem to really get into it at that age, they like working with color better.  There is really nothing like charcoal ... I am one of those people that love it, I come away covered with smudges and dust from moving it across the paper, the amounts ebbing and flowing in an effort to recreate the image at hand.  I like the lightness of it, I like how it feels on the paper.  It is kind of akin to photography and light, but with more direct, detailed control.  I am thinking I need to take advantage of one of the open studios being offered around here and go draw, just for me!

I usually share the images of my clients to help promote their work and these are lovely.  While I find nudes artistic and expressive of the beauty of being human, I know that is not everyone's sensibilities or perhaps they are just not appropriate for their situation at this time.  Anyway, if you would like to see his work, let me know ... I'll post them to Flickr and provide limited access.  He is going to put together a website, so I will let you know when that is up and running, too.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Upcoming Workshops

We just submitted our list of possible workshops to the Arts Barn for the spring and summer.  We think we came up with some fun ideas ... some photography, some kid's art, some jewelry.  If there is a particular workshop you would like to see us offer, its never too late!  Please be sure to contact us with your idea and we'll try to put something together.

PS - Did you know that we offer private lessons, too?  They are fun and we'll work very specifically on the skills you want and need.