Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Approach

Midnight Blue, along with Arts Entwine and All is Pawssible, will be going on hiatus in the first part of 2012.  This has been something I have pondering for many months and talking about with my family and advisers and have decided is necessary.  I would like to take some time to study and really rework the business completely.  While I love our clients and what we do,  the business side of things has gotten, well, unwieldy, and needs some attention.   I want to take this time to look at everything ... structure, name, brand, plans, systems, procedures, offerings ... top to bottom, with the goal of returning with the amazing creations and services that you all love and we are super excited to provide.  For me, it has always been not just about the final deliverable, but the whole experience and I want that to always be exceptional from start to finish for you (and us!).

So ... to our current clients with ongoing projects, we will be there for you through the hiatus, no worries, we won't leave you hanging.  To those interested in working with us on new projects ... if you can hold on for a wee bit, we will be back, better than ever.