Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What is Up with Your Website?

Have you ever heard the story of the cobbler's kids that had no shoes? Well, we are the web designers without a current website. Seems it always gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, because we are putting everyone else first. Of course, it is not a bad thing to take care of all of you first and foremost, that is what we are here for, but we are making the commitment to get it done ASAP, because, well its kind of silly to keep dragging it out any more, especially because it is actually is almost there ... just needs the links put in and final touches on the portfolio pages. And it is part of taking care of you all, that you can see what is going on in our creative journey with a link to our studio.

So ... stay tuned ... we will announce it here when it is (finally) on display.

1 comment:

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