Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh Where, Oh Where Has Our Creative Time Gone?

In the last post, I was feeling optimistic we would be getting back to the good stuff ... the creative stuff ... but alas, it continues that we are having all of our creative time sucked away by the administrative stuff of life. I guess it is that time of year as we close a year and begin anew.

So projects remain sitting on our "to do" list while we take care of these necessities. But there will be lovely joy when it is complete and we can get back to creating. I think this time I will refrain from saying when that will be.

Part of the admin tasks has been that we are working on our show schedule for 2009 ... it has been interesting as we are applying for some juried festivals that we have not vended at before. You never know what will happen ... we remain positive that opportunities will unfold nicely for us ... we are always amazed how things work out. It's so cool!

We'll be posting again soon ... its just been a little hard to focus on bringing something really interesting to blog about with all the other tasks. But once the creativity breaks free, the flowing thoughts and ideas will, too.

And with regards to the photo included ... just a happy reminder that spring is around the corner ... and for those of you that reside in the DC area, it won't be long until Cherry Blossoms. We love it!

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