Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Missouri Studio Space

Midnight Blue's studio space in Missouri has been moving around a bit over the last few years. We are most eternally grateful to Jaree's brother and sister-in-law for sharing their home with us and that is from where we work when in MO, but they have been making a big renovation change to their house, and as a result, we have been drifting about in boxes and bins.

But the big day has come, the renovated space is ready and we will be settling down (at least for now). It is great space ... bright, organized, and so nice! For us, it means lots of surface area to spread out projects and really get down the creative process. We are very excited, mostly for them and their great new space and what it means to them, but feel blessed to be able to share it with them.

Once everything gets settled from the move, we'll try to take a few photos for you ...

The Maryland studio has been the stable place ... also a bright space that is lovely to work in. And our photography studio remains there, although Jaree's basic camera equipment logs many miles back and forth.

What is it like having two studios? Its nice to have working space in both places we call home, but of course, something we need is occasionally in "the other studio". Ah well ... we make notes and get to it how/when we can.

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