Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We use Alien Bees in the studio for our strobes. Jaree's niece, Bethany (who is an extraordinary portraitist, by the way - Bethany Baird Photography) introduced us to them almost ten years ago and they have been going strong in our studio since then. We have four of them, along with a a collection of light defining tools, and they have never failed to deliver. We even take them on location and they are great.

Lately, though, Jaree has been craving using a constant light source when in studio, instead of flash ... but the traditional studio "hot" lights are not the answer ... we have been watching the development of the new LED studio lights - when they get to a reasonable cost, awesome!! There are also some compact florescent light sets out there ... we may try one and see how we like it.

Our advice, photography is all about light, so just like a painter would choose their brushes, take your time and choose your lighting tools with thought and care ...

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