Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Few Ideas Regarding Valentines

Okay, guys ... we know you probably think Valentine's Day is kind of hokey. And giving your sweetie a card, red roses and/or chocolates can feel boring and overdone. Now don't get me wrong, ANY romantic expressions of true love are always appreciated by us, ladies. We are not going to turn our noses up at the traditional February 14th gifts. But there is great potential to "WOW" that beautiful woman that makes you smile and warms your heart just with her presence. I've got a few ideas to share ...

Flowers ... love them! But, instead of that bouquet of reds, you may want to do a little pre-holiday espionage and find out her favorites, if you don't know already. One of the best Valentine's gifts I ever got and still remember was a little basket of daisies left on my doorstep from a secret admirer. I don't know to this day, who left it, but the memory has stuck with me. Personalizing the gift of flowers to reflect her taste says a lot more about how you care and pay attention. Take a few minutes to pop in or call your neighborhood florist to work on the personal touch ... they are going to be able to help you put something fabulous together and will deliver it, too!

Yummy goodies ... yep, most people like chocolate. I like it, but don't crave it, don't have to have it ... chocolates are not the best gift option for me. But a nice bottle of wine, artisan cheese and bread ... now you've got my attention. Again ... just a little pre-holiday espionage, and you are likely to come up with some ideas to replace that heart-shaped red box. And I'll share just a few referrals to some goodies websites to help you put something great together. At Lake of the Ozarks, check out A Brown Bag Gourmet. Ashley is both a talented caterer and creates gift baskets. And for a different kind of sweet, see Kathy at The Sugar Loft ... great cake truffles and cupcakes, they don't last the day in our house. In Delaware, Ohio ... contact Stanya at Simple Indulgences ... she is the "Connoisseur of Yumminess".

Some "Her" Time. With life going at 100 miles an hour, I can't think of any lady that would not appreciate a little "Me" time. A trip to the salon for hair and/or nails, a massage at the spa, a private meditation or yoga session with her favorite instructor, catered afternoon tea for her and her girlfriends to relax and catch-up, an art or cooking class, a sunset cruise, a local getaway weekend, a set of coupons that give her time off from the usual chores just for the asking ... these are just a few ideas, there are so many! You love her, you know what she would most like to do given a little downtime. Make it happen.

Written sentiments. Yes, Hallmark and American Greetings make very nice cards. But you can do better. You can make her a card ... I know you can do it, you did it in grade school, right? Or Midnight Blue can help make a one-of-a-kind for you, with pop-ups, original artwork, you name it. You can write her a poem or a song. You can buy a gorgeous journal and start it out for her with some of your favorite stories of time together, maybe even adding to it each Valentines. The written work is very powerful ... be her Shakespeare.

Images. You know all those photos laying around in drawers and shoeboxes or stuck in your computer? What an incredible source for creating something special. They can be the start of an album, a scrapbook, or even a cool, hardcover book (we can help with photo books, too.) Or put together a slideshow on the computer, add your favorite song, and you've got something hip and unique. And speaking of unique, just a reminder about our "Live the Glamorous Life" offering ... she'll feel gorgeous and pampered.

A little Bling. The economy is still bad and we're all cutting back on the luxuries, but you don't have to give diamonds to be her best friend. Jewelry is always an appropriate gift and comes in many forms. The simplest could be a "wish necklace" ... its created using a meaningful charm that is placed on a thin, silk cord. As the wearer ties it on, they make their wish and when the cord wears through, legend has it that the wish will come true. And speaking of charms, you might want to consider starting a charm bracelet for her ... adding to it each year as your life unfolds together. And again, Midnight Blue can help in this area. We make custom jewelry ... we'll put together her favorite metals and stones to create something that uniquely reflects her ... and earrings start at just $12, so it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

I think we've gone on long enough ... there are so many ways to say "I Love You". We'd love to hear some of yours.

And ladies, what do you do for your fella for Valentines?

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