Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beyond Camp

One of the things we enjoy about summer is it is time to teach art camp for us. It is really fun and rewarding, even with the hours of prep and well, to put it delicately, not exorbitant compensation. We love having the opportunity to provide a fun environment in which to explore art. While other instructors may approach it differently, we figure its summer, not school-time, so we don't want to focus on skill-building ... this should be an opportunity just to try something different. Maybe its something outside the school curriculum ... maybe its something too messy to do at home ... maybe they are just new to being a young artist.   Whatever the reason ... we just want to encourage the kids to try it ... they don't have to be experts at the end, they don't even have to produce something refrigerator-worthy. It's time to play and to try and that is what we support and encourage. We so love the faces on the last day, as they show all their projects to their parents at the art show and explaining what they did ... there you see the joy ... and that is the reward.

Alas ... we are sorry to see this year's camp time has come to an end ... but its time to start dreaming about next year's adventures.  And that it always is ...

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