Saturday, November 27, 2010


One of the things we like to do is partner with other photographers.  It's fun and you often get even better results (when you have synergy).  We have been doing this for awhile ... offering tech support at the shoot (lighting, metering, props, posing, etc) and/or doing the post-processing and proofing-prep.  Moriah's senior photos is just one of these projects ... the person behind the camera was Steve Dougan, of Dougan Photography.  We offered studio tech support and post-processing.

Moriah is a senior this year and so much fun (and definitely beautiful)!  She is a natural in front of the camera, she could easily model if she so chooses.  She was game to try most any of the crazy poses we came up with for her, which made it fun, but also then an individual experience.

So, anyway, the three of us had great synergy ... here are some of the highlights from the final 26 images in her collection.  We, of course, have some traditional senior shots, but also some that are a little different (which is the objective for us).

PS - the last one is not Photoshop, that is all studio lighting ...

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