Monday, February 21, 2011

Private Lessons

I am honored to currently have two lovely women taking private lessons with me.  They want to learn how to use their cameras and build on their creative photography skills.  We are having such a great time!

Our beginning lessons have focused on the functions of the camera and the basic premise of photography ... light.  The first concept that every photographer needs to understand is that photography is basically learning to paint with light.  Just as a painter uses their paint, we use light to create our images.  So, if you learn how your camera functions to control light, you will have the foundation to build on.  This can be a tricky concept to grasp at first ... especially how the aperture and shutter work together, but the concept suddenly clicks and then the magic begins.

If you are new to photography, don't get frustrated, you can master the basic technical stuff ... find a mentor that you like working with and get a little help with the basics.  You'll then be on your way!

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