Friday, April 15, 2011

Different Visions

I was reminded today how totally cool it is that everyone's vision is unique.  I met with one of my students and so enjoyed looking through her work from the past couple weeks.  She loves photographing people in a candid way ... just on the street, doing their thing and it really is fascinating ... especially the series she captures, they are a tiny glimpse into a life.  She is also really great at noticing color and texture ... something I am drawn to, as well.

Anyway, she has been trying to be sensitive to strangers perhaps not wanting their picture taken and has focused on a collection of photos of feet to preserve anonymity.  So cool ... every time she comes in with some fun photos.  Today we were loving this pair of shoes (I was wondering how anyone can actually walk in them!) and  I wanted to share it with you ...

Photo by B.L.
Whatever your vision is, I encourage you to run with it ... be unique!

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