Friday, November 18, 2011

A Really Nice Day at Black Rock (Eventually)

Had a bit of a rough morning ... my little boy dog ripped his toenail.  Oh my, we ended up at the vet.  But he is good, all wrapped up and thumping around on his little padded club foot.  Made me late for  my shift at Winter Glow, so I was scurrying and worrying, but I got there and it was so lovely to see all the art and catch up with people.  Had lunch with a friend and fellow instructor.  Reconnected with a grandparent of former twin students that may be joining me again in the new year.   Sold a notecard, got a commission for an art piece, and maybe will have two portrait sessions.  :0)  Nice way to spend a Friday ... I've come home with a big smile.  Now back to processing senior photos!

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